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  Recognizing the responsibility to always teach and preach exactly the same doctrines that Jesus and the original apostles would if they were here in person today the following offer is made:
  A $50.00 award will be given to anyone who can demonstrate doctrinal error in any published tract, book or magazine written by Samuel M. Smith and published by UP WAY PUBLICATIONS so long as the following rule is applied: To obtain a right understanding of what God is trying to communicate to us. study everything the Bible says on the subject at hand, beginning with Genesis and ending with Revelation. Remember that the writers of the New Testament were so used to the Old Testament and its historical facts, laws and the prophets that they often said things which cannot possibly be correctly  understood by anyone who is not at least acquainted with the Old Testament. Jesus Himself, said He did not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it (Matthew 5:17). If this doctrine seems contrary  to the teaching of the church, look up church history to discover if and when a change was made in that doctrine. A rule we apply to every doctrinal scripture is to ask the following four questions:
 1. Who is speaking?
 2. To whom is he speaking?
 3. Is the author of that verse of scripture the person speaking, or is he quoting  someone else?
 4. Is that particular passage an unsolicited instruction, or is it a specific answer to a specific  question?
Example:  I Corinthians 7:1. “Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me…” The Apostle Paul goes on to answer their questions rather directly as their overpastor in the next several chapters. In verses 6 and 12, He was not giving commandments directly from the Lord to people who were not already concerned with pleasing the Lord Jesus. But in verse 10, he does give a command from the Lord.
  In addition, UP WAY Publications will publish and distribute corrections at our expense.
To claim the award, please write to:
UP WAY PUBLICATIONS, P. O. Box 1015, Kailua, HI 96734 U. S. A., stating the doctrinal position you can correct and the scriptures you use IN CONTEXT to prove your point.

Order Total  Gospel  Literature with confidence  from:

   P. O. Box 1015
Kailua, HI 96734  U.S.A.

The Up Way Guarantee History

In 1975, a pastor I knew quite well ran a classified newspaper ad advising that he would pay a $500.00 reward to any who could refute the Apostolic Plan of Salvation. Very few ever tried, but his rules stated that the basis for the claim must be proven by scripture in context or clearly established historical fact as being what the first Apostles of Jesus Christ taught. Of course nobody could because the Only Believe Plan of Salvation promoted by most churches is not at all Biblical although it uses Bible verses taken out of context and used in ways the original writers clearly never intended. 

The Up Way Publications Guarantee followed that lead, but made the dollar amount of the award lower and is an amount readily available to be awarded to anyone who really is teaching a genuine Bible truth that refutes anything we teach. We also added the offer to publish and publicize that we were in error on the point and to make and promote the correction. 

Since the Guarantee was first published in 1976 in the Foundations Firm Book One (undated) Sunday School, there have been only a few who have challenged any Up Way published Apostolic doctrine and their arguments have been either based on scriptures used in clear DISagreement with their context or on purely non-scriptural and non-historical data. 

For example, the leaders of both the First Council of Nicea (325AD) and the Cappadocian Fathers at the Council of Constantinople (381AD) are not a valid source since they were already a part of the Athanatian Heresy which is the reason behind why our Lord Jesus showed John the Revelator the great whore and "Mystery Babylon" even before the Babylonian religion was inserted into Christianity by Athanatius.

The Guarantee has been widened to include any official Apostolic teaching of the new parent, Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries and Apostolic Internet Seminary and is totally sincere and any VALID claim will be fully honored with SINCERE THANKS to the person showing us the error.

For Jesus' sake,

Rev. Samuel M. Smith
Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries, Up Way Publications and Apostolic Internet Seminary are an Establishment of Religion as defined in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and therefore, since Congress shall make NO law regarding this Establishment of Religion, we are NOT tax exempt under the Internal Revenue Service code.
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