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Georgian Grapes with leaf
Up Way Publications 39th Anniversary
Selected eSermons
If You Love the Lord Jesus Christ
Selected eSermons 
Please Note: Selected Sermons are not necessarily organized by date and may be organized to bring related sermons together into one area of the index. Not all dates are exact as many times the sermon was only a crude outline and scriptures in a pocket sized notebook until the list was compiled for Selected Sermons, following which, the "flesh" of the sermon was added to the bone of the outline. The result is that many of the notes do not contain the dates and names of churches at which the sermon was first or subsequently preached. In a few rare cases, the sermon may have been entirely in written form and never has been preached from a pulpit. It may also have been a letter or exhortation to some person or church concerning a problem or error I had been made aware of.

NOTE:  Many of the Selected Sermons outlines remain just scripture verses and key thoughts but the full text of how they were preached has not been added and they will give you an Error 404 message if you try to go to any link without a sermon name attached. Sorry for any disappointments. Please pray for me to have clear memory as I try to reconstruct these Sermons for Jesus sake. 
--S. M. S.

selectedsermonsv01n01.html .....  Don't Seek The Living Among The DEAD! ....  1972
selectedsermonsv01n02.html ..... It Made No Sense ......First preached inChicago 1969
selectedsermonsv01n03.html ..... Do Ye Not Understand?  .....  1997
selectedsermonsv01n04.html ..... Have You Been Vaccinated AGAINST Salvation?       10/21/02
selectedsermonsv01n05.html ..... The Most Expensive Bowl of Soup in the World ..... May 1973
selectedsermonsv01n06.html .....  Unto Us A Stewardship ...... Jan. 1990, Remedios, IlocosSur
selectedsermonsv01n07.html ..... Your Cheatin' Heart Will Tell On You!
selectedsermonsv01n08.html ..... Prayer That Touches the Heart of GOD  ..... March 1997
selectedsermonsv01n09.html ..... Whose Mail Are You Reading? April 2002
selectedsermonsv01n10.html .....  Loving Father ..... November 1989
selectedsermonsv01n11.html ..... Who Do You Pray To? ...... October 21, 2002 
selectedsermonsv01n12.html .....  AnyOtherGospel.html .....  February 1992
selectedsermonsv02n01.html ..... The Real Reason for the Season ..... January 1991
selectedsermonsv02n02.html .....  The Caterpillar Grows Up..... March 1997
selectedsermonsv02n03.html .....  The Theory of Evolution Is Very UnScientific
selectedsermonsv02n04.html .....  The Crucial Importance of Sound Bible Doctrine
selectedsermonsv02n05.html ..... Real Faith Has No "Plan B"  .... 1997
selectedsermonsv02n06.html ..... Do You Know Jesus?
selectedsermonsv02n07.html ..... Do You Have Saving Faith?
selectedsermonsv02n08.html ..... Get All Excited, Go Tell Everybody! .......... March 1997
selectedsermonsv02n09.html .....  The Difference Between Bitter and Better 
selectedsermonsv02n10.html .....  When God is Proud of You ......  June 1990
selectedsermonsv02n11.html .....  The Winner's Circle..... March 1997
selectedsermonsv02n12.html .....  The Proof of the Messiah ....December 1969, 1970 WEAW Radio
selectedsermonsv03n01.html .....  Like a  Child on a Wall ...... September 27, 2002
selectedsermonsv03n02.html .....  The Privileges and Responsibilities of Being King's Kids  .....
selectedsermonsv03n03.html .....  Ephesus -- First Step on the Road to Laodicea
selectedsermonsv03n04.html .....  David Was Not Always Famous
selectedsermonsv03n05.html .....   The Reverend Doctor Says ..... April 2000
selectedsermonsv03n06.html .....  Who Is Anti-christ?   ......  June 6, 2002 
selectedsermonsv03n07.html .....  The Delight of God’s Law  .
selectedsermonsv03n08.html .....  The Fellowship of Ignorant Brethren ..... March 1997
selectedsermonsv03n09.html .....  The Role of Belief in God's Plan of  Salvation
selectedsermonsv03n10.html ..... Then Jesus Came! .......
selectedsermonsv03n11.html .....  Who Do You Pray To? ..... March 1997
selectedsermonsv03n12.html ..... 
selectedsermonsv04n01.html ..... Living Above Sin ......  31 May 2000
selectedsermonsv04n02.html .....   ..... March 1997
selectedsermonsv04n03.html ..... Diamond in the Rough!  ......
selectedsermonsv04n04.html .....  So You Are An Athiest? ......
selectedsermonsv04n05.html ..... Judge or Fruit Inspector?.....  about 3 March 1992
selectedsermonsv04n06.html ..... The Seasons of Our Lives  ......  about April 1996
selectedsermonsv04n07.html .....  Who Shall Ascend into the Hill of the Lord? 
selectedsermonsv04n08.html .....  The Church That Makes The Rapture
selectedsermonsv04n09.html ..... Did God Forget to Tell Us?
selectedsermonsv04n10.html .....  Run With THE Message ...... 
selectedsermonsv04n11.html .....   ..... March 1997
selectedsermonsv04n12.html ..... Christ's Unfaithful Wife  - The Church  ...... June 26, 2003
selectedsermonsv05n01.html .....  Are You Guilty of Israel's Wilderness Sin?
selectedsermonsv05n02.html .....   ..... March 1997
selectedsermonsv05n03.html ..... Tips for REAL Treasure - Up Way for CHRISTIANS Summer 1973
selectedsermonsv05n04.html .....
selectedsermonsv05n05.html .....   ..... March 1997
selectedsermonsv05n06.html ..... 
selectedsermonsv05n07.html ..... Why the Roman Catholic Church is Called Babylon 
selectedsermonsv05n08.html .....   That's the Pastor's Job ..... September 7, 2003
selectedsermonsv05n09.html ..... 
selectedsermonsv05n10.html .....  Should Murder Be Legal? from Up Way for Living Sept-Oct  1969.. 
selectedsermonsv05n11.html .....   ..... March 1997
selectedsermonsv05n12.html ..... 
selectedsermonsv06n01.html ..... God's Rights to His Creation  ......  January 23, 2004 
selectedsermonsv06n02.html ..... God's Love, His Mercy and His Judgment  .... February 12, 2004
selectedsermonsv06n03.html ..... Need for Correct Doctrine, The
selectedsermonsv06n04.html ..... Pie in the Sky, the Sermon, Revised 11 June 2008  
selectedsermonsv06n05.html ..... Satan's Cleverest Plot from Hades 
selectedsermonsv06n06.html ..... Our God Is A Jealous God!

The Sermons above that have a title beside the number should already be on the website ready for your viewing, reading and inspiration. Please email if any of these links do not work . If there is no sermon name beside the number, that sermon is still awaiting reformatting. Some sermons are on the website that do not yet have the full text as they may have been in outline or rough draft format and may be of important enough subject matter that I felt to put the incomplete sermon on for your blessing and study.

The Sermons Below are either in outline or book print format and are awaiting reformatting into internet web .html format. You may request any of the below Sermons by email  and for a small donation
to cover the cost of postage, and printing, receive a printed out copy, or you may request that priority be given to formating any Sermon to internet html format. All of these sermons were preached or written by Samuel M. Smith and are on the internet for your inspiration and the salvation and deliverance of souls.

Selected Sermons Book 1
Remember Newton's Law
Proof of The Messiah, The
Cruelest Hoax
Caterpillar Grows Up
Budding Fig Tree & You & Me

Selected Sermons Book 2
Ye SHALL be Witnesses…
Big Conspiracy, The
Fig Tree — Nothng Leavs,The
Stewards of the Gospel
Your Cheatin’ Heart
Kingdom of Heaven is NOT a Democracy
Psychological Warfare (as preached)
Sermons Preached by 1st Apostle
Rightly Dividing the Word
Preparing the Passover Lamb

Selected Sermons Book 3
Take No Thought 
Starve the Baby?
Solutions for Boredom
Selected Serm  Title & Ind.Bk 3
Sabbath of Christian
Put Yourself In My Shoes
Prayer Wheel
Crushing of the Blossom, The

Selected Sermons Book 4
Zeal of God’s House, The 
Demons Clever Plot
Stand Up!
Soldiers Of The Lord
Shaking, Withstanding, Winning
Seedtime and Harvest
Samson, David & Prodigal Son
Prodigal Son & Disobedience
Prodigal Son, The Lost Sheep & Hebrews 6
In The Hollow Ch 14

“The Rev. Dr. Says”
“The Man Upstairs”
“Our Heavenly Father…” 
“If there be Any Good…”
“Christian” Unbelievers
Your Cheatin Heart
Ya Gotta Make the Effort
Works of God’s Man’s Hands
Working Together Crucial
Women Names “R”
Why Me?
Why God Led Israel…
Why Doesn’t God Respond?
Why Do Innocent Children
Why Did Jesus Weep?
Whose Mail Are You Reading?
Whose Converts were Samaritans?
Who Loves Beth? © 1969
Who It Is God Blesses
Who Do You Pray To?
Who Are The Real Cults?
Which Jesus Do You Serve?
Where Jesus Walks Today
When John Answered Isaac
When You Lose The One Most
When God Refuses to Hear
When Does Everlasting Life Begin?
When Does Christian Life Begin? 
When A Sheep Strays
When A Saint Dies (comfort)
Wheat and Tares
What Do You Have In Your Hand?
What Does Protection Mean Dad?
What Needless Pain We Bear
What Is The Kingdom God?
Weighing Repentance(Dunman)
We Are The Body of Christ
Was Jesus The Master Evangelist?
Want Peace? The Real Answer
Walking on Water
Walking in Faith
Unto Us A Stewardship
Until the End
Trusting God
True Liberty
Trials & Temptations
Tragedy and the Plan of God
Tithing and Your Finances
This Little Light of Mine
Then Jesus Came!
The Holy Ghost Baptism
The Word of God
The Winner’s Circle
The Unexpected
The Sprout
The Seed — and the Harvest
The Prodigal Son 
The Gifts & Callings of God
The Gift of Repentance
Some Bible Facts
Religious Spirit, The
Real Meaning of Christmas
Promise of the Messiah
Must Christians Sin Daily?
Mustard Seed Faith
Jesus’ Model Prayer
Iraq Prebattle Speech.html
In The Hollow of His Hand Ch 14
Heirs of the Promise
Healing, God’s Provision for Your
Healing & Health for YOU
Grace and Lifestyle
GRACE Umbrella of all Gifts•
God’s Plan of Salvation
God’s Holiness
God’s Spirit Gives Wisdom
God’s Sons 
God’s Grace
God’s Continual Mercies
God’s Babies
God of the Split Second Timing & Puzzle
God Honors Faithful
Gentiles in the Kingdom of God
Fruit In Due Season
Forgiving God
Foreshadowings of Christ
Filled With the Spirit?
Figure of the Bride
Fig Leaves
Fiction of the Roman Road
Fear Not Man...
Farmers Old Mule
Family, God’s Gift to All
Faith Has No Plan 'B'
Failure’s Triumph Sermon
Excommunicated For Christ!
Ephesus —First Step to Laodicea
Enticing Words
Ending the Crime Epidemic
Ebnezer, Maranatha, Ichabod
Earnestly Contend for the Faith
Doubt, the Faith Short-circuit
Don’t Leave the Baby Alone
Don't Seek the Living among the Dead
Doctrine, the Crucial Importance of
Do You Know Jesus?
Do You Have Saving Faith?
Do Ye Not Understand?
Difference  Bitter or Better
The Lord Delayeth His Coming
David Was Not Always Famous 
Marriage End Polygamy.rsg
Cyrus Gods Persian king.rsg
Cry Aloud…Spare Not
Context, The Importance of
Come — Walk On The Water
Come On! Rob Me!
Clay In The Potter’s Hands
Church In Lt of Candlestick
Church in Lite Gold Candlestick
Church Historical Facts
Christ’s Unfaithful Wives
Christian Life Like School
Children Faith & ChurchIdentity
Change the Dimension…
Can a Person Backslide?
By His Name
Blow the Trumpet-Alarm!
Blasphemy Against Holy Ghost
The Difference Between Bitter and Better
BIBLE Story of Christmas, the Real
Bible Standard of Holiness
Beloved Children Spanked
Is Belief Enough
David & Bathsheba
Battle of The Centuries
Baptism in Jesus’ Name
Balance, The Importance of
Bad Fathers, Good Fathers, Heaven
The Backslider, The Lost Sheep, The Prodigal Son
Babies Love Candy
Babies Don’t Ask to be Born
As Lord Commanded or Solomon
Are You Pharisee Society
Are You An Example Of Jesus?
Any Other Gospel
An Open Door
Amazing Conversion of Paul
Adam’s Lament
Active or Passive Christian?
About Prepared Sermons
Aborted Christians
A Hook Or A Net?
A Famine for God’s Word

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