Up Way Publications 43rd Anniversary

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Up Way Publications 43rd Anniversary

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Go Daddy Deal of the Week: Get FREE Private Registration with a domain registration! Offer expires 4/17/12
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Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries
Especially in the area of tract translation and distribution in other countries, God has blessed with several local pastors whom I have learned I can trust to provide translation and printing services in Burma, India, Pakistan, Cameroon and Brazil and others are regularly contacting is for literature. Consequently, the below is only a thunbnail sketch of the ministries of this establishment of religion.

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For more than 30 years from birth, Rev. Samuel M. Smith was basically Assemblies of God and trained in their college, formerly SouthEastern Bible Institute, now SouthEastern University  in Lakeland, Florida. 

In July of 1968 he began attending an Independent Assemblies of God church in Chicago and was introduced to systematic Bible study but the Lord had to reveal the Oneness of the Godhead to him over a period of years of study  and prayer. At about that time, he visited a United Pentecostal Church 
in  Elgin, IL and after fellowshipping with them for a few weeks, he felt the need to enter the realm of Gospel literature,
writing and preaching the truths of Jesus' name baptism but avoiding the "I'm right, you're wrong," attitude he saw in many UPC members. He felt he could reach more people by remaining indepen-

Up Way Publications was founded in September 1969. The name Up Way was formed by taking the U and P from UPC and replacing the C with Way. 

Tract titles now number close to 150 including several translated into up to eleven foreign language versions. First was What's Your Treasure?, followed by If You Want Joy, Is Belief Enough? and the forerunner of Live the Power Life!

Books include  MARRIAGE: Delight or Disaster, Foundations Firm Quarterlies, To Be A Minister ministerial manual and the Pocket Truths Bible Study series designed for break and lunchtime Bible study.

For a complete list please visit our Catalog.


Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries

Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries includes the former Bible Apostolic Study formerly based at the Bible Apostolic Church in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, the missionary trips of Rev. Samuel M. Smith to the Philippines in 1989 - 90 the missionary trips to T'bilisi  (biblical Tubal), Republic of Georgia and Moscow, Russia in 1991, 92, 93 and 94. 

It was intended that this be a local church in Kailua, (Oahu) Hawaii and a ministerial fellowship, but Rev. Smith has instead worked to bring the Total Gospel message to several Filipino congregations in that area and the original "Fellowship" name was replaced with "Ministries".

Since 1994, Rev. Smith has worked to build the website for anyone in the world to be able to read and study the message of "The Gospel as Jesus Christ ad His Original Apostles would preach Tofday." 

Originally the Up Way Publications Main Menu was on Earthlink, then was hosted by Rev. Steve Bennett and  his web domain, but when he encountered hacker and virus problems, Rev. Smith registered the domain name followersofjesuschrist.org which has been hosted mostly by GoDaddy.com, who also handles our domain registration.

In 2001, we registered the name apostolicinternet seminary.org and are also working to build a seminary dedicated to training ministry to minister like Jesus' original Apostles.

November 2011 saw the publication of Through It All IN THE HOLLOW OF HIS HAND, Pastor Smith's life story book

Apostolic Internet Seminary seal

Rev. Smith has long felt the need to provide literature for training of Christians, no matter what denominational ties they may have, to go Back to the Bible and "Rightly divide the word of truth. 

There are over 1670 recognized "Christian" denominations or church organizations according to the 1991-92 Almanac of the Christian World (Tyndale House). So which one is right? Who is really rightly dividing the "word of truth?" How can any sincere Christian know? How can any young or new minister be sure he is preaching what Jesus Christ and His Original Apostles Would Preach Today?

We believe that while a normal understanding of all scripture is sufficient for anyone to see God's genuine plan of Salvation, it is important to our spitritual health to study the Bible with understanding of the immediate context, the whole Bible book context and finally the overall context of the whole Bible teaching on any given subject. 

We believe it is of crucial importance to understand what God meant to communicate through 
His human writer, what that human writer was attempting to communicate to his immediate readers and what those first readers would have understood from what the writer actually said. To understand this, it is important which happens or is said first and whether a scripture  is in answer to a question or the result of an event.

In 2001, we registered the name apostolicinternet seminary.org and are  working to build a thorough seminary dedicated to training ministry to minister like Jesus' original Apostles. Several years will be required to reach our goals of instruction and still more to meet full accreditation standards.

Doctrinally solid Apostolic instructors are invited to join the faculty and work from your own home computer.

Student inquiries welcome.

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and Travel Missions

At the age of seventeen (17), the young Samuel M. Smith rededicated his life to the Lord while still in the Assemblies of God. In addition to driving himself to practice on the violin until a semester of long-forgotten lessons became an actual skill intended for the glory of God and an aid to his ministry.  In campmeeting of June 1954, while praying , he saw a vision he understood to be a missionary call to the Aucas in Colombia and Ecuador and within a day or two, still at campmeeting was given the gift of playing the musical handsaw. 

Formal Bible College training in 1955 was interrupted by the death of his mother in what his father insisted had been the result of an intruder attack while they slept, but was seen as a copycat crime of the Sheppard case a few weeks previous in Toledo, OH. He was unable to get a job because he was draft age at just the end of the Koren War so ended up joining the Naval Reserve and going on immediate active duty.

Due in part to gossipy friends and a misunderstanding of some important aspects  of marriage, he made a poor choice and married in 1956, resulting in a ten-year marriage dedicated to home, family and earning a living, though now with a lofty political aspiration. That was all doomed by eventsa beyond his control.

Years later, in 1983, he moved to Kailua, Hawaii, where he fellowship[ped primarily at the United Pentecostal Church the first year then became acquainted with The Jesus Church

In 1984, he returned to his native Volusia County, Florida, and lived in New Smyrna Beach from 1984 to early 1989 when he returned to work at helping The Jesus Church to grow. in March and again in September, he went to the Philippines and preached and taught in The Jesus Churches and Philippine Bethel Churches there for a total of more than six months.

In 1991, while in prayer at The Jesus Church in Kailua, he heard the Lord say "I want you to go to the land of the Caucasus where all original Europeans came from."

As a result, he has made four (4) trips to T'bilisi (the biblical Tubal)  where he preached and taught in Georgian Baptist, Pentecostal, Seventh-day Adventist and Evangelical churches many times and also ministered briefly in Black Sea cities Kobuleti and Batumi, always preaching and teaching how to study the Bible so as to never be confused by all the different doctrines missionaries from different groups would soon be bringing in.

All but one church invited him to return whenever he can.

It was as a result of these trips that the ASV (All Scripture Verse) series tracts have been published in 11 languages.

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Up Way Publications 39th Anniversary

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