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First of the Kingdom of our LORD JESUS CHRIST and then to the NATION that gives us National Security and a framework for peace and tranquility locally. In our case that country is the United States of America. As Apostolic Christians, we should always be Honest to a flaw, Law Abiding and Patriotic. Unlike many nations, we each have a RESPONSIBILITY for our government and to help elect those who best reflect the Christian values our nation was founded upon.
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  Although Up Way Publications International, Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries and Apostolic Internet Seminary are,  and have always claimed status as an Establishment of Religion under the First Amendment to the Constitution and therefore have not been a 501-c3 Non Profit Organization subject to IRS rules about the political implications of being a Christian, it has recently happened (June 2012) that a so-called Truth Team of the White House has ordered an Internet Service Provider to remove a website that documented abuses of power by the current Administration.

Since our primary mission is to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and this ministry is helping ministers in something like 18 nations around the world with our primary mission and not wanting to be put off the internet any sooner than necessary, I/we will limit political comment to state only what the Apostles told the Jewish religious leaders of their day after the healing of the lame man at the Gate Beautiful of the Temple in Acts 4. It is more important to Preach Jesus Christ, and then stand still and let the Lord fight our battles.

So what do we do now? Stop and think. Satan wins if he can keep Christians fighting for our legal rights instead of reaching out to win souls.

The ONE major advantage that Christianity has over every other religion of the world  and that is the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  No other religion can demonstrate the POWER and ANOINTING of the CREATOR of the Universe.  In fact,  in a good number of locations around the world, inside nations hostile to Christianity, word has gotten out into communities that the Christians can pray for people who are beyond the capability of the local doctors, whether real scientifcally medical professionals or witch-doctors, and the person prayed for enjoys a remarkable recovery. Often this involves relatives of local police who thereafter brave the (usually temporary) hostility of the community to protect the Christian community, often resulting in a conversion of a majority in that community.

The modern mainstream news media usually completely ignore the advances Christianity has made in many formerly hostile areas, but true New Testament Christians who believe and trust the Lord Jesus Christ as the First Century did are still seeing miracles happen that attract the attention, admiration and often conversion of whole communities.

But if we win enough souls and they have a real salvation experience that produces the new life in Christ Jesus, we will soon be in the clear majority and will be able to control election results and renew a determination to have a nation of righteousness instead of one of perversion and evil. 

Even if we won EVERY court battle and got every pro family, pro life, pro righteousness law and Amendment passed into law, without the change of heart of those pursuing wickedness, those laws would have little more positive effect than the 18th Amendment that declared Prohibition against alcoholic drinks in the early 20th Century. Those who wanted liquor and other ALCOHOLIC DRINKS SIMPLY FOUND WAYS TO SUCCESSFULLY VIOLATE THE LAWS, often with deadly and crinial results. The same would be true of anti-abortion laws,  anti-sodomy laws and so on.

And while money and income are necessities, God has promised to supply all our need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, so we must be righteous in God's eyes and He will see that we do not lack for our earthly needs.  If we are truly "...called according to HIS purpose, He takes care of the logistics!

Even with a totally anti-christian President determined to make the United States a Sharia Law based Soviet-style Socialist dictatorship, we MUST be true to our Almighty God — even to martyrdom or refusing the mark we can expect to become mandatory in the very near future unless God chooses to intervene.

Focus on SPIRITIUAL REVIVAL. With Almighty GOD on our side we cannot lose. "If MY people, who are called by MY name, will humble themselves and pray, Then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sins, and heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14). 

      If you are a Bible Believer of ANY faith, denomination, or are Jewish, WE STILL MUST PRAY that RIGHTEOUSNESS SHALL PREVAIL throughout the United States and indeed around the world.

As Christians, we CANNOT support nor vote for any candidate known to support or defend the Contract Killing [Murder] of the unborn by hired killers who were sworn to preserve life, not kill (otherwise known as abortion). 

As Bible believers, we simply CANNOT support nor vote for any candidate nor member of a political party known to support or defend the concept of same-sex, homosexual marriage nor so-called "domestic partnerships." Christians MUST NOT vote for candidates whose party openly advocates such ungodliness.

Under the law, if you know of a crime and conceal that knowledge, you become a co-conspirator.

Are you prepared to vote your values? Are you informed as to who are the best candidates and why? First and foremost, are you registered to vote?

Americans are blessed to have a "government of the people, by the people, and for the people." But democracy requires our participation and the most basic democratic participation is voting. When you vote, you help determine who will lead our nation, make our laws, both national and local, and protect our liberties. Please become fully informed of actual facts and don't allow clever advertisers and speech writers to fool you. Don't be misled. If one party wins the 2008 elections your rights to worship and to most especially, to speak out against evil will be severly curtailed by ever stronger "hate crimes" laws. Your pastor may be imprisoned for calling sin sin.

According to the last U.S. Census Bureau figures I have seen, as many as 35 percent of eligible Americans are not registered to vote – that’s 45 to 65 million people! Less than half of the voting-age population actually votes in any given election.

Register To Vote Today!

Pray folks. Earnestly PRAY and thank God who FOR HIS NAME'S SAKE, and He will indeed give America the victory.

However, as Christians, our PRIMARYcommission is not the correcting of every political injustice or wrongdoing, but in working to see souls won to the Lord Jesus Christ, and let HIM change their hearts and minds. An old saying, "A person convinced against his will; Is of the same persuasion still!"is very true. If we were to somehow manage to get ALL bad laws repealed and all good laws in their place, people whose hearts are bent on evildoing will still try to get around the laws and also to legalize the bad things again. 

While there are all sorts of churches that claim to believe and teach the Bible, in reality there are only a small percentage which actually put the teachings of the Bible above the teachings of the much more recent man who founded their denomination. Consequently, many Muslims (as well as Buddhists, Hindus and other religions) who look at so-called Christians and see all sorts of unChrist-like actions and attitudes do not get a true picture of our Loving Lord Jesus Christ, who was Almighty God manifest in human flesh. We need to get truly back to the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ and His original Apostles.

We need to look at our Christian roots and see how far from our own scriptural roots many church organizations have come. And as we urge the Muslims to go back to the non-violent teachings of their Koran, we need to also return to the Bible teachings in context and forget traditions of men that are contrary to clear Bible principles and teachings.

Many people have the MISTAKEN idea that Christians should not get involved in politics, but in the process of letting our lights shine for Jesus, we do already have a positive influence on our country and its politics. However, this coming year is one in which it seems that ALL the evil forces are ALL lining up to battle Christian principles. But if  we who are true Bible believing Christians will forget partisan politics and pray for those who stand strongly FOR things we know are right in God's eyes and to replace crime-favoring judges who infringe our right to freedom of worship in the guise of the non-Constitutional false doctrine of "separation of church and state," who favor all sorts of ungodly things.

    Sadly, corrupt politicians will be telling blatant lies and do all in their power to promote evil causes. May we URGE you to continue to pray earnestly for all  U. S. Senators and Representatives, especially those few who best represent Christian and Family values. Write, e-mail or call urging them to support the Constitutional Amendment to RESTORE the Bible, Ten Commandments and non-denominational prayer to our nation's school classrooms and courtrooms. After all, most of civilization depends upon the principles contained in the Ten Comandments. 

A new and interesting possible law to reverse Roe v. Wade and protect the unborn uses solid scientific evidence that includes "in Vitro" fertilization demonstrates unmistakably and CLEARLY that human life begins from conception and demands protection of these tiny humans rights as specified already by the Constitution. The Roe v. Wade decision admimtted that there was not a clear definition of when human life begins and left an opening for Congress to define that moment. Let's elect courageous leaders who will take a stand to defend the Right to Life for the unborn.

It is little wonder that all the crimes have been taking place because of the lack of respect for human life taught by those clinging to humanistic religious beliefs and other non-Biblical religions -- even a great many that call themselves "Christian"!!

Let's get prayer and Bible reading back in our schools and courtrooms and end the crime epidemic!

Christian Flag WavingU. S. Flag

Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries, Up Way Publications and Apostolic Internet Seminary are an Establishment of Religion as defined in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and therefore, since Congress shall make NO law regarding this Establishment of Religion, we are NOT tax exempt under the Internal Revenue Service code. All donations are reported and taxed as income of Rev. Samuel M. Smith, a private citizen.

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