We need your help if you are a Computer Programmer, a Key Edit person, an Artist, a Translator, a Fund Raiser, an Email Correspondent and if you can donate some of your time to the spread of the Gospel around the world.
We also need PRAYER WARRIORS and strong Apostolic Teachers and Writers.  We are entirely unpaid except for the souls we can reach for Jesus.
We urge any RETIRED Solid Apostolic believers to take advantage of the low cost of living in many "Third World" countries and move to retire in one of them. As a resident you can begin home Bible studies and become unofficial missionaries. Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries can help you decide on the country, but at this time cannot finance your move.                      — S. M. S.

NEW!!  Up Way Publications Mission Cameroon page NEW!!  Up Way Publications Pakistan page
Brief information about the country of cameroon with pictures of Bro. Ebacha Rogers Ayongneh and some of the converts resulting from the distribution of 36,000 English language Gospel tracts in the High and Secondary schools in Northwest Cameroon.
Pictures of tract introduction and distribution in the Karachi area of Pakistan under leadership, of Pastor Muazzam John. Links to Urdu language tracts in .PDF or .jpg format.
NEW!!  Up Way Publications India page
NEW!!  Up Way Publications South India page
Pictures of tract introduction and distribution in the Andra Pradesh Area of South East India under the leadership of Pastor V. Blessing. Links to Telegu language tracts in .PDF or .jpg format.
Pictures of tract introduction and distribution in the Chathancode/Trivandrum Area in the very farthest Southwest tip of India under the direction of Pastor M. E. John. Links to Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi language tracts in .PDF or .jpg format.


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About Georgia 
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Up Way Publications 43rd Anniversary

Up Way 45th Anniversary Banner
Forty-five Years of
Biblical Accuracy
Total Gospel Literature Publication

For more than 30 years from birth, Up Way Publications founder, Rev. Samuel M. Smith, was basically Assemblies of God and trained in their college in Lakeland, Florida. It was not until a divorce on fully scriptural grounds and the belief that under the circumstances he was scripturally not under bondage to remain single forever thereafter forced him out of that organization that he began attending an "Independent Assemblies of God" organization church which was also affiliated with the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International (FGBMFI)  in Chicago and was introduced to a systematic and carefully designed Bible study.

    Volunteering to type lesson stencils for the pastor,  he had no trouble with lessons one through eight, but when he got to "The Doctrine of Baptisms," he at first rejected the lesson as “Jesus only stuff,” but the Holy Spirit prompted a reminder of the scriptural integrity of everything the pastor had taught to that point and urged a study of the scripture references in the lesson. He quickly saw the part about water baptism in Jesus' name as totally scriptural and right, but the Lord had to reveal the Oneness of the Godhead to him over a period of years of serious Bible study and fervent prayer.

At about that time, he met a young, formerly Baptist lady who was a member of a United Pentecostal Church nearly 60 miles distant but who came to hear Pastor Baxter almost every week, and she invited him to attend the Elgin, IL UPC church then pastored by Bro. George Taylor. Shortly after attending a nightly revival there for a couple of weeks listening to a Bro. Terry Denny and fellowshipping with them, he felt the need to enter the realm of Gospel literature, writing and preaching the truths of Jesus' name baptism but avoiding the "I'm right, you're wrong," attitude he saw in many UPC members. He felt he could reach more people by remaining independent.

Up Way Publications was founded in September 1969 while its founder was still attending and doing typing, mimeographing and learning offset printing at the Independent Assembly located at Broadway and Grace in Chicago. The name UP Way was formed by taking the U and P from UPC and replacing the C with Way. An early theme song was "Higher Ground," but although that song name fit the ministry name, it was felt more appropriate to use the song, "Do You Know My Jesus?" as the theme for radio broadcasts he would soon begin in Evanston, Illinois and years later in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Soon, he felt the need to move on into more complete ministry and for a number of months, served as Assistant Pastor to Rev. Carl Nelson, a former Presbyterian turned semi-Pentecostal at the Chicago Evangelistic Center and Chicago Missionary Society. After seeing some lives turned around from drunkenness, promiscuity and drug abuse, the disagreement with Pastor Nelson over the need for repentance and water baptism caused Smith to join with other local churches where he served as worship leader, adult  Sunday School teacher, Sunday School Superintendent, Assistant Pastor and then pastor of a small Church of God of the Mountain Assembly. During this time, he published two issues of Up Way for Living magazine.

Forced to close the church after just a few months by debts and problems left by the former pastor,  although he tried to make good the former pastor's debts, he was soon introduced by a former pastor to a lady who seemed specially qualified to be his wife and because of her ended up in Zanesville, Ohio and attending a church in Crooksville, Ohio that she had attended. Unfortunately, she returned to a drug problem and left him.

     Before long, he went to work for the State of Ohio in their new Income Tax Division in Columbus and really launched into the literature ministry with the publication of several tracts. First to be published was What's Your Treasure?*, followed by If You Want Joy, Is Belief Enough? and the forerunner of Live the Power Life! Then he began the quarterly magazine, Up Way  for Christians and made evangelistic trips to Port St. Joe, Florida, the former Pentecostal Bible Institute in Tupelo, Mississippi and the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ church poastored by Philip N. Porter in Peebles, Ohio before resuming taxicab driving as a ministry and source of income for both personal and ministry needs.

Many other events happened to Smith in the years since then, far too many for mention in this brief history.

Tract titles alone now number close to 150 including several translated into up to eleven foreign language versions. 

Books already published include MARRIAGE: Delight or Disaster (First and Second Editions), Foundations Firm Quarterlies, To Be A Minister subtitled "A Manual for Ministers Desiring Original Apostolic Ministry, "and the Pocket Truths Bible Study series designed as shirt pocket size booklets for break and lunchtime Bible study. His life story book, Through It All IN THE HOLLOW OF HIS HANDUp Way Publications International) is now published by WestBow Press and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and through local bookstores supplied by Ingram Books. It is also available in ebook format for iPhone®, iPad® and Kindle®.  

  Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries includes the former Bible Apostolic Study formerly based at the Bible Apostolic Church in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, the missionary trips of Rev. Samuel M. Smith to the Philippines in 1989 - 90 the missionary trips to T'bilisi (biblical Tubal), Republic of Georgia and Moscow, Russia in 1991, 92, 93 and 94, and in 2013, expanded to Peru in South America with a team of Nazarenes.

It was intended that Followers of Jesus Christ Fellowship become a local church congregation in Kailua, (Oahu) Hawaii and a ministerial fellowship, but circumstances have not permitted and Rev. Smith has instead worked to bring the Total Gospel message to several pre-existing Filipino congregations in that area and the original "Fellowship" name was replaced with "Ministries".

  Since 1994, Rev. Smith has worked to build the website for anyone in the world to be able to read and study the message of "The Gospel as Jesus Christ and His Original Apostles Would Preach Today."

Originally the Up Way Publications Main Menu was on Earthlink, then was hosted by Rev. Steve Bennett on his web domain, but when Rev.  Bennett encountered hacker and virus problems, Rev. Smith registered the domain names http://www.followersofjesuschrist.org and https://www.up-way-publications.org, which has been hosted mostly by GoDaddy.com, who also handles our domain registration.

In 2001, we registered the name apostolicinternet seminary.org and are also working to build a seminary dedicated to training ministry to minister like Jesus' original Apostles did.

Rev. Smith has long felt the need to provide literature for the training of Christians, no matter what denominational ties they may have, to go Back to the Bible and "Rightly divide the word of truth." There are over 1670 recognized "Christian" denominations or church organizations according to the 1991-92 Almanac of the Christian World (Tyndale House). So which one is right? Who is really rightly dividing the "word of truth?" How can any sincere Christian know? How can any young or new minister be sure he is preaching what Jesus Christ and His Original Apostles Would Preach Today? We attempt to teach sound methods of study which, if followed by everyone, would bring about the unity to the body of Christ that Jesus spoke of when he said, "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to the other." (John 13:35).

    We believe that while a normal understanding of all scripture is sufficient for anyone to see God's genuine plan of Salvation, it is important to our spitritual health to study the Bible with understanding of the immediate context, the whole Bible book context and finally the overall context of the whole Bible teaching on any given subject.

-- UWP
ENDNOTES:  1. Pastor William J. "Ern" Baxter
2. UPC =  United Pentecostal Church. At that time, I found their overall doctrinal position as being nearest totally Apostolic teaching. I now add Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ and some other Apostolic churches.
3. *Actually, several of the Grace and Truth tracts were reprinted first and then The Wasted Life, which was written by Evangelist Glynola Higdon and illustrated by her daughter Betty Bennett. The present A Wasted Life retains the basic thought and the artwork is somewhat patterned after that original. The Original Baptism in Jesus' Name tract and God's Plan of Salvation were written by a Brother Robert Walker in New Smyrna Beach, Florida but both were extensively edited and the artwork all done by founder Sam Smith. The first carried the Up Way Publications imprint from the first printing, but the first God's Plan of Salvation carried Bro. Walker's name and address. 

4. Translation work was first done on If You Want Joy by a school teacher in Columbus, Ohio who was trained in Brazillian Portuguese but no copies were ever printed and that translation has been mislaid. No more translation work was done until after Smith returned from T'bilisi, Republic of Georgia and Moscow, Russia, but now 11 languages are available in the All Scripture Verse (ASV) series and several written tracts are also available in eleven (11) languages, Russian, Georgian (Kartvelian), Ilocano (Philippine), Brazillian Portuguese, Burmese, Telegu, Urdu, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and Kiswahili.

  •     In July, 2005, a request came to provide funds for translation and printing in Burmese and approximately 30,000 of the "God's Plan of Salvation" and "The ONLY Way to Heaven..." were translated, printed and distribution begun. Almost immediately afterward, a similar request came from the Andra Pradesh area of India and Up Way Publications India came into existence under the able direction of Pastor V. Blessing and about 35,000 Telegu language "God's Plan of Salvation" and "Why All The Calamity" tracts were translated, printed and published.
  •     Later that same month, Pastor Muazzam John in Karachi, Pakistan, requested funding to translate and publish two (2) titles in the Urdu language and Up Way Publications Pakistan came to be under his able direction. The tracts of first choice were "If You Want Joy," and "Fire! Fire!! Neighbor Your House is On Fire!!!" Another 35,000 or so were published and distribution has reached into far areas of Pakistan.
  •    Then in January 2006,  A brother laboring for the Lord in a real danger zone country contacted Up Way Publications about translating into Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam Indian languages. I will say the least about the work of this brother, but the result is that his father is officially Up Way Publications South India based in the Trivandrum area of the extreme Southwestern tip of India.
  •    In October 2007, Brother Ebacha Rogers in Cameroon wanted 35,000 English language tracts for distribution in the High and Secondary schools of that country and we actually provided about 36,000 which were printed in Ocala, Florida and shipped to him by air.
  • There are five (5) brethren in Brazil who regularly request a few thousand tracts in Portuguese for use in prison and hospital and "villa" ministry. These also are printed in Ocala, Florida and air shipped.
  • Over eight (8) pastors in Kenya are also requesting literature and fellowship and the Kiswahili tracts are provided through Pastor David Muyoti in Bungoma, Kenya.
One brother more than any other, has provided a great deal of the funding for this, but a few others have given to the ministry, including a sister in Mannheim, Germany and a few others in other places. Until recently, my wife or I provided the rest. While this brother does not wish publicity, please pray that God prosper his business so that he can continue to bless this ministry.
— Samuel M. Smith

Order your Total  Gospel  tracts  and other literature from:

   P. O. Box 1015
Kailua, HI 96734  U.S.A.          Printed in U. S. A.

U. S. waving Flag

Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries, Up Way Publications and Apostolic Internet Seminary are an Establishment of Religion as defined in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and therefore, since Congress shall make NO law regarding this Establishment of Religion, we are NOT tax exempt under the Internal Revenue Service code. We are not sustained by any denomination, special interest or parent organization. We accept no online or e-mail advertising. Our operations and mission are funded by -- and depend entirely upon -- the voluntary financial support of Real Bible Believing Christians like YOU!  All income is reported as taxable income to the Internal Revenue Service, although expenditures for literature, publications and shipping are always greater than the amount of donations received.

Are we Evangelical? Fundamental? Pentecostal? Apostolic? We claim all of these in the sense of maintaining total Biblical integrity of the things we teach and preach. For this reason, we use the term Bible Apostolic. We seek to be totally correct according to the Bible maintaining careful contextual and cultural understanding as well as known strengths and weaknesses of any given writer who, while inspired by the Holy Spirit, was still forced to communicate using the language, culture and known understandings of his day and place. So we are Bible in the sense that everything we say and do is intended to fully align with solid, indisbutably Bible teaching when understood as the writers and first hearers and readers of the Scriptures would have understood them. So we are Evangelical in efforts to reach the whole world with the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are Fundamental in that like the Church of Christ motto, we speak where the Bible speaks and leave the rest alone. We are Pentecostal because we both see the promise as continuing as long as the Lord our God shall call mankind to Himself and we have experienced speaking in tongues and other manifestations of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. We are Apostolic in the sense that we are urgently trying to reestablish original New Testament Apostolic teaching, preaching and life.

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Up Way Publications 41st Anniversary

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